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Making stuff together

In the summer of 2012, Brooklyn Beta invested in five teams who are trying to build the next generation of web products.

Brooklyn Beta aims to inspire web developers and designers to make something they love, and to help remove any barriers that stand in the way. Our belief is that these simple goals have the potential to make the world a better place.

With our conference, we do our best to help spread big ideas, highlight meaningful problems, and connect designers and developers together. With Summer Camp, we are trying to take things a step further.

The Class of 2012

We couldn’t be prouder of our five Summer Camp teams. Expect to hear a lot more from them.

  • Farmstand

    John Ford, Glenn Sidney, & Josh Stewart

    The people behind Farmstand are as friendly as they are talented, and we love their vision of creating an app that helps us all find local, healthy, delicious food. We learned a lot while working with them, such as how many sources of food are all around us, how much food goes to waste (while neighbors are going hungry), and other challenges this space has the opportunity to overcome. We think the team behind Farmstand can make an important difference, and we’re proud to support them.

  • Maker’s Row

    Matthew Burnett, Tanya Menendez, & Scott Weiner

    Bringing “Made in America” back. If that’s not something to get behind, we don’t know what is. The mission of Maker’s Row is to make the manufacturing process simple to understand and easy to access. It’s exciting to think that current makers can find better resources and factories through Maker’s Row, but what really has us excited is the potential for Maker’s Row to unlock an entirely new group of people who have never dared to try their hand at manufacturing. Want to make a better wallet, a more stylish belt, or a more modern backpack? Maker’s Row teaches you everything you need to know and connects you with the people who can help you bring your idea to life. Simply awesome.

  • Skillcrush

    Adda Birnir, Jennifer McFadden, & Kate Reyes

    Education is an area we’re intensely interested in, and Skillcrush is poised to shake things up. Reading and writing have always been cherished skills, because they allow ideas to spread faster than word of mouth. Tech skills are starting to feel just as important, but if you’re not looking for a career in tech, your options are slim. Enter Skillcrush. Their unique approach to online learning has the potential to bring tech skills to a whole new audience. We’ll all benefit from that.

  • Sticker

    Paul Christophe, Avery Max, & Igal Nassima

    After first watching Sticker’s demo video, we were hooked. Short videos from everyday life were captured on various devices at different places around the city, then played back like a film strip. Individual voices quickly became a seamless conversation, and we began imagining the possibilities. Open office hours, wishing grandma a happy birthday, retelling a funny story with friends, recording a debate for posterity, personalized welcome videos, etc. We can’t wait to see new ideas emerge.

  • We Be At

    Jules Laplace, Ryder Ripps, & Jonathan Vingiano

    We’ve been fans of the OKFocus team for a while. Their work consistently breaches conventional boundaries, so we thought they’d be the perfect team to breathe new life into events. Why shouldn’t subscribing to a calendar be as easy as following someone on Tumblr? Where are the curated calendars of events, concerts, basketball games, parties, conferences, etc.? With We Be At, the calendar has been completely re-imagined for a younger, more social, and more connected audience.

Thanks to Our Advisors!

Ben Pieratt


Brandie Heinel

Too many to list
Founder, Freelance Producer

Caterina Fake

Flickr, Hunch, and Pinwheel

Charles Adler


Craig Shapiro

Collaborative Fund

Dan Mall


David Tisch

TechStars NYC

Enrique Allen

Designer Fund and 500 Startups
Founding Member

Fred Wilson

Union Square Ventures

Gina Bianchini

Founder and CEO

Hayley Barna


Jason Santa Maria

Typekit & A Book Apart
Creative Director

Jeffrey Zeldman

Happy Cog & A List Apart

Jessica Hische

Too many to list

Joe Gebbia


John Borthwick

Founder and CEO

Liz Danzico

SVA Interaction Design
Chair and Co-founder

Matthew Smith

Creative Director

Michael Galpert


Randy Hunt

Creative Director

Scott Belsky

Founder and CEO

Tim O’Reilly

O’Reilly Media Inc.
Founder and CEO

Tina Roth Eisenberg

Creative Mornings & Tattly

Wilson Miner

Head of Design